DuckTales…woo hoo!

So, my “baby” girl turns six tomorrow :*(  Every year since she’s been born, we throw a big bash for her with all our family and friends.  I just didn’t have it in me this year. Henry will be two in July and thinking about doing two parties at the scale in which I typically do them would monopolize my time and hurt my purse.  But luck would have it that Emma wanted to have some of her friends play with her at BounceU instead of having a party at home.  I was incredibly relieved!  No pre-party cleaning, no post-party clearing, no putting extra food in tupperware, no piling up of the trash and recyclables waiting for trash pick-up in six days.

So, to make it up to her (actually, to make it up to myself because I felt guilty about not having a big party), I told her that I’d make her a DuckTales shirt along with some cupcakes to match.  Imagine my surprise when my kid tells me that she loves DuckTales. I was shocked. It was the same show that I watched when I wasn’t much older than her!  Granted, this is the reboot, but the theme song still gets stuck in my head (woo hoo!).

I found vector images online of the adorable ducks and uploaded them to Cricut Design Basics and got to work.  As you can see, the ducks turned out pretty awesome.  They were so cute to begin with that they make the shirt look good 🙂


To go with the shirt, I made 12 fondant duck faces to put on top of the cupcakes (using edible markers), and then created cupcake wrappers (with gold coins!) and cupcake toppers for the other 12 cupcakes.

Finally, I created some quick labels for the goody bags using the same images I found online.img_4990-1

Emma was super happy, which of course made my heart swell 🙂 The time and effort put into these things that I enjoy doing, just make it much more enjoyable!