School was cool, but……

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Cricut machine…so much so that I’m worried about wearing it out (….which makes me wonder if I have a warranty…..). Anyway,  I was asked to create some end-of-year t-shirts for a great group of teachers in Florida.  After texting back and forth, we came up with an idea that they liked.

I bought some great quality t-shirts (in hot pink, no less) from  I’ve never seen quality shirts with prices this low (if you have, please share that info!).  I also got an AMAZING price on heat transfer vinyl from  Again, if you’ve seen a better price from somewhere else, let me know! But I doubt that you will…I’ve been doing research for quite some time and am really pleased with these two sites that I found.

After getting the supplies, it was time to cut!  In order to make 8 shirts, I spent a few hours with my trusty Cricut.

After Cricut was done her job, it was my turn to weed….which took FOREVER! lol.  Just kidding, but it did take some time. I had eight pieces for each of the eight shirts.  8 x 8 = A LOT OF WEEDING!

Once the weeding was done, it was time to break out the Cricut Easy Press!  Can I just say how much I love this thing? You select your temperature and time and get a great result 99% of the time (I say 99% because using the Easy Press on a onesie has been a little challenging since the press’s surface area is larger than the onesie’s).



Having the Easy Press has seriously cut down the time it takes for me to iron on vinyl to fabric.  It took less time for me to press these shirts than it did to line them up properly!  All in all, I was happy with the result.