Go Big or Go Home

We got the kids a slip-n-slide for the summer and they are obsessed.  Since I have ZERO interest in breaking a limb or getting whiplash, I started searching the internet for something new to do with the kiddos in the backyard.  And what did I come across? GIANT BACKYARD GAMES!

It’s not common to call “giant” things adorable, but these are!  And they look like even more fun than their regular-sized versions.

The first game I found was on Build-Basic.  This amazing site provides step-by-step instructions as well as lists for supplies, tools and cuts!


A Little Craft In Your Day provides a YouTube video on how to create this insanely large version of Kerplunk!

Giant Kerplunk

These classy lawn dominoes look super easy to make and full instructions can be found at Iron & Twine.

Lawn Dominos

Dallas Moms Blog provides detailed instructions on how to make this colorful Jenga set.  Their blog post will also give you instructions on how to make giant yard dice (Yahtzee, anyone?!)

Lawn Jenga

My kid loves match games!  Studio DIY provides instructions on how to make these and a link where you can download free stencils.  However, with a game like this, you can be creative and customize the “cards”!

Lawn Match Game

This last one is more for me, daddy, and very committed Scrabble players.  An ingenous couple from Ohio created this Scrabble “board” with 225 pavers and craft-store wood plaques. Click here for more pictures.

Lawn Scrabble

Two questions remain….which one do I start with, and where am I going to store it?!