Trolls Birthday Party

My girl Emma celebrated her fifth birthday last May and was hugely obsessed with the movie Trolls.  As soon as she told us what she wanted her party theme to be, my sister Betty and I started right away.

Her birthday falls right around Memorial Day weekend, so we typically have a small family party on the actual day, followed by a party with family and friends after the holiday weekend.

For the day of her birthday, I always make a homemade cake.  And as you can see below, Emma was very happy with what I had decided to do.  I baked a regular 9″ round cake and cupcakes, and created a fondant Poppy to place on top.

For the big party, my sister and I hit up Pinterest to see what was out there.  In the end, we ended up coming up with our own ideas and make everything by hand.  It was a ton of work, but a major success….see that kid’s smile?! 🙂


The chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos and marshmallow treats were created by  Ronda’s Sweet Treats !