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DIY- High School Reunion

With the graduation season coming up, it reminded us of our high school graduation in 1998.  No need to do the math folks…we know our age 🙂  This past November, we celebrated our 20 year high school reunion, which we created quite a few items:


Mother’s Day DIY Ideas

Mother’s Day.  A day to celebrate all moms to let them know how special they truly are to us.  This day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908.  Mother’s Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.  Anna conceived of Mother’s Day after the death of her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis.

In 1868, Ann Reeves Jarvis, organized a committee to establish a “Mother’s Friendship Day”, the purpose of which was “to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War.” Ann Jarvis, who had previously organized Mother’s Day Work Clubs to improve sanitation and health for both Union and Confederate encampments undergoing a typhoid outbreak, wanted to expand these into an annual memorial for mothers, but she died in 1905 before the annual celebration was established.  Her daughter, Anna, would continue her mother’s efforts.

Stumped for gift ideas?  Check out a few ideas below:


Wild Baby Shower Gifts

One of my good friends is expecting a boy at the end of the month and she had an amazing baby shower with a “Where the Wild Things Are” theme. As it so happens, that is also the theme of the new nursery.

I wanted to do something special for her (and the baby!), and I kept going back and forth with ideas and searching on Pinterest, Instagram and Google.  I finally decided to create custom baby blocks, a onesie and a t-shirt for the new little guy.

To begin, I ordered blank wooden blocks from Amazon.  24 blocks for only $15…not too bad!

Then I did a Google search for images of Where the Wild Things Are book (there were many!).  I inserted the images on a Word Document and cropped them all to the same size.  I cropped mine to 1.5″ x 1.5″ since that was the size of the blocks I planned to use.  I made a few extra squares and inserted lines from the story and also included a clip art crown with the baby’s name.


I printed multiple pages so that there were enough squares to cover each side of the blocks (144 squares in all!).  I used my Swingline Paper Trimmer to cut out each square.


I then mixed 1 cup of water with 1 cup of Elmer’s glue and found myself a sponge brush.  I sponged the glue mixture onto one face of the block and then placed a paper square on top.  I then sponged more mixture over the paper. I had to make sure to sponge out all of the wrinkles and bubbles so that the paper laid flat on the surface of the block.


We (my husband helped!) were able to cover 4-5 sides of the block at one time before we had to let them dry in order to do the remaining sides. We put 3 coats on each block, but I think 2 coats would have been enough.  It being my first time doing this, I wanted to make sure that the paper stayed put.


In between drying times, I worked on the Cricut Design Space and designed the two shirts I made.  Once I had an idea of what I wanted, it didn’t take long to do.

To complete all three gifts took about 2.5 hours when you include drying time and ironing on the vinyl to the shirts. Time well spent and worth it to see the smile when she opened the gifts 🙂


Favorite Dessert Themes: Part II – Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Here we are for again Theme Thursday.  Today we bring you Favorite Dessert Themes Part II: CUPCAKES!

Adventure/Camping Theme:

Here we have Adventure/Camping theme cupcakes created by: Twisted Sisters Cupcake Busy Lizzie Cakes , CuppyCakes by JulieCrumble and Co., and Cotton Lane Bakery

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Sports Theme:

Here we have Sports theme cupcakes created by: Beelicious CakesSilvana’s CakesSweetly MaydeCupcakes by Esther, and Sweetness by Lenka

For Sports Party Theme ideas….check these out: Sport Easy Peasy Party PackSport Themed Party for an Adult

Magical Unicorns (personal favorite):

Magical Unicorn cupcakes created by: Bredenbeck’sLes Gourmandises d’EmThe Little Sprinkle, and Cupcakes Lifer

Check out our Party Packs and A la carte for Unicorn decorations and invitations: Magical Unicorn

Favorite Cartoons:

These amazing cartoon cupcakes are created by: Cakes By WeenCotton Lane Bakery, and For the Love of Kaykes

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Favorite Superhero Theme:

These awesome cupcakes are created by: Cakes By WeenYou Got Baked, and Bad Wife Cakes

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Summer Fun:

These summery fun cupcakes are created by: Amanda’s Little Cake BoutiqueMonica Mello CakeMariana Make CakesKat’s Custom-made CakesChristina’s Cupcakes, and Spicy Cake

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Monster Theme:

These scary cute cupcakes are created by: The Little Wooden SpoonMisCookiesThe Sweet Side By ElenaKaaHobbsSweet and Crazy, and Nurit Zamir

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Jungle Theme:

These “ferocious” cupcakes are created by: Mom’s Cakes and CookiesCockle Bay Bake ShopCakez and Stuff, and Cupcakes and XOs

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Please tune in next time for Part III: MACAROONS!

Favorite Dessert Themes: Part 1 – Cookies

Hi everyone! We have been following a lot of bakers and confectioners on Instagram lately.  So, we decided to start a series of our favorite party themes in 4 parts: Cookies, Cakes,  Macaroons, and Cupcakes.  Today we bring you Part 1: COOKIES!

Adventure Theme:

Here we have Adventure theme cookies created by: Just Bee, Biscotto CookiesLove Hope CookiesYou can call me sweetie! 

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Sports Theme:

Here we have Sports theme treats created by: The Cookie SocialBiscotto Cookies, Love Hope Cookies

For Sports Party Theme ideas….check these out: Sport Easy Peasy Party PackSport Themed Party for an Adult

Magical Unicorns (personal favorite):

Magical Unicorn cookies created by: Little Cookie CoLove Hope CookiesSweet Posh Cookie Co

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Graduation cookies created by: Sweet Posh Cookie CoLove Hope CookiesHello.MeCupcake

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Favorite Cartoons:

These amazing cartoon cookies are created by: Sweet Posh Cookie Co and The Little Cookie Co

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Please tune in next time for Part II: CUPCAKES!

Go Big or Go Home

We got the kids a slip-n-slide for the summer and they are obsessed.  Since I have ZERO interest in breaking a limb or getting whiplash, I started searching the internet for something new to do with the kiddos in the backyard.  And what did I come across? GIANT BACKYARD GAMES!

It’s not common to call “giant” things adorable, but these are!  And they look like even more fun than their regular-sized versions.

The first game I found was on Build-Basic.  This amazing site provides step-by-step instructions as well as lists for supplies, tools and cuts!


A Little Craft In Your Day provides a YouTube video on how to create this insanely large version of Kerplunk!

Giant Kerplunk

These classy lawn dominoes look super easy to make and full instructions can be found at Iron & Twine.

Lawn Dominos

Dallas Moms Blog provides detailed instructions on how to make this colorful Jenga set.  Their blog post will also give you instructions on how to make giant yard dice (Yahtzee, anyone?!)

Lawn Jenga

My kid loves match games!  Studio DIY provides instructions on how to make these and a link where you can download free stencils.  However, with a game like this, you can be creative and customize the “cards”!

Lawn Match Game

This last one is more for me, daddy, and very committed Scrabble players.  An ingenous couple from Ohio created this Scrabble “board” with 225 pavers and craft-store wood plaques. Click here for more pictures.

Lawn Scrabble

Two questions remain….which one do I start with, and where am I going to store it?!

How did we get here?

Well, we launched our business on May 5th 2018.  As we were preparing to do our launch (which we did in less than 40 days), Amy and I asked each other….”wow, how did we get here?”  So here is a post to reflect back on all of the event that led us up to making the decision to start our own small business.

The obsession to create began before our mom’s 50th birthday.  We wanted to do something special for her and decided to throw a surprise party at a local fire hall.  It was a large space and looked pretty bare, so we wanted to decorate it as much as possible.  But before that, we needed a theme.

After going back and forth for a while, we decided on a Willy Wonka theme, and got right to work.  Along with our other two sisters, we created backdrops with scenes from the movie, created cardboard cutouts of Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas, and put finishing touches throughout the party.

Willy Wonka
Hand painted decorations

Check out more Willie Wonka pics here!

Everyone had the best time and we received a lot of compliments on our set up.  People even fought over who would take home the Oompa Loompas. Haha.

The next big event…..Amy getting married.  The first one of the four sisters to get married, so we kind of made a big deal….a really big deal.  I worked with my sisters and mom to set up an engagement party along with a bridal shower (luau party).  Those were more party planning instead of crafting but they both ended up being amazing parties.

For Amy’s wedding we did a lot of DIY projects: battery operated votives as table place cards, card box in the shape of a 3 tiered wedding cake, ceremony agenda that were fans to help keep cool on a steamy August evening, framed engagement photo as the guest sign in, amusing guest bags for family and friends staying at the local hotel, and a few more items that escape me right now.  The wedding theme was nature so it was very fun to help create something that was so beautiful.

After marriage came the next big event….baby Emma was on her way <3  Amy decided that the theme for Emma’s nursery would be owls.  At the time, there were zero owl-themed nursery bedding collections or decorations, so Amy ended up creating the nursery idea on her own.  With the owl theme locked, we did decided to throw her an owl-themed baby shower.

We were all so busy enjoying little Emma’s company, time flew by and she was already turning 1!  For her first birthday we stuck with the owl theme.  Lots of DIY for her 1st first birthday party.  This is when we realized that we really loved to craft…and that we really loved Pinterest.

Dessert table

Check out more Owl Themed Birthday pics here!

Well, once we started the DIY…we really couldn’t stop.  We continued to make every one of Emma’s birthday parties: 2- Super hero, 3- Little Mermaid, 4- My Little Pony, 5-Trolls

Check out more party pics in our gallery!

In between the 4th and 5th birthday parties, Amy and her husband decided to have another awesome kiddo….and just like that, Henry was on his way.  Of course, we were all excited again and we needed to have another baby shower….Adventure Awaits.


Check out more pics for the Adventure themed baby shower here!

The baby shower was such a hit that we were asked to assist with two other events: Graduation Party and 60th Surprise Birthday.  But not before we helped out with our best friend’s bridal shower.  It was Mary Poppins themed and we made the center pieces and some penguins!  We picked the flowers as they matched Mary Poppins hat and we had to include the funny penguins.

Back to the other events.  The graduation party was held at a really cute rustic cafe that specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches!  The rustic surroundings made for a great setting for the rest of the decorations.

Check out more pics for the Rustic Graduation Party here!

The 60th birthday party was after Henry was born so Amy was up for more crafting for the party….my PIC was back!  This party was for a very close family friend.  He was an extremely talented athlete in high school (just recently inducted into his alma mater Hall of Fame), so we decided to go with a sports theme.

Check out more pics for the Sports Themed Birthday party here!

After we started crafting for parties…we just couldn’t stop.  Next was gift making and crafting for our family holidays.



Check out more pics for a Hogwarts Christmas here!

Check out more pics for a Grinch Christmas here!

After some requests to create other people’s party, Amy and I thought “why not?”  We love what we do and love seeing other people enjoy our work.  That is when we decided to go forward with the business and Two Peas in a Party Pod was born, but we had to figure out what would people really want.  We did some research and noticed that a lot of decorations out there all looked the same and were pretty expensive.  That’s when we came up with the custom-made party packs.  Original designs, custom per order, and affordable.  Once we started on this path, we hit the ground running.  We opened our shop in 40 days with over 10 themes to choose from, and at least 10 more in the works.

Less than a month after launch, we still can’t believe we started this business.  It feels like a dream, something we have been wanting to do for quite some time…and we did it!   It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it.  After all of these events and crafts we have completed, there is one thing that always stays with us….how much we love the work. We put a lot of love in everything we create, and we hope you enjoy the items as much as we enjoy making them.

DuckTales…woo hoo!

So, my “baby” girl turns six tomorrow :*(  Every year since she’s been born, we throw a big bash for her with all our family and friends.  I just didn’t have it in me this year. Henry will be two in July and thinking about doing two parties at the scale in which I typically do them would monopolize my time and hurt my purse.  But luck would have it that Emma wanted to have some of her friends play with her at BounceU instead of having a party at home.  I was incredibly relieved!  No pre-party cleaning, no post-party clearing, no putting extra food in tupperware, no piling up of the trash and recyclables waiting for trash pick-up in six days.

So, to make it up to her (actually, to make it up to myself because I felt guilty about not having a big party), I told her that I’d make her a DuckTales shirt along with some cupcakes to match.  Imagine my surprise when my kid tells me that she loves DuckTales. I was shocked. It was the same show that I watched when I wasn’t much older than her!  Granted, this is the reboot, but the theme song still gets stuck in my head (woo hoo!).

I found vector images online of the adorable ducks and uploaded them to Cricut Design Basics and got to work.  As you can see, the ducks turned out pretty awesome.  They were so cute to begin with that they make the shirt look good 🙂


To go with the shirt, I made 12 fondant duck faces to put on top of the cupcakes (using edible markers), and then created cupcake wrappers (with gold coins!) and cupcake toppers for the other 12 cupcakes.

Finally, I created some quick labels for the goody bags using the same images I found online.img_4990-1

Emma was super happy, which of course made my heart swell 🙂 The time and effort put into these things that I enjoy doing, just make it much more enjoyable!

School was cool, but……

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Cricut machine…so much so that I’m worried about wearing it out (….which makes me wonder if I have a warranty…..). Anyway,  I was asked to create some end-of-year t-shirts for a great group of teachers in Florida.  After texting back and forth, we came up with an idea that they liked.

I bought some great quality t-shirts (in hot pink, no less) from www.clothingshoponline.com.  I’ve never seen quality shirts with prices this low (if you have, please share that info!).  I also got an AMAZING price on heat transfer vinyl from www.happycrafters.com.  Again, if you’ve seen a better price from somewhere else, let me know! But I doubt that you will…I’ve been doing research for quite some time and am really pleased with these two sites that I found.

After getting the supplies, it was time to cut!  In order to make 8 shirts, I spent a few hours with my trusty Cricut.

After Cricut was done her job, it was my turn to weed….which took FOREVER! lol.  Just kidding, but it did take some time. I had eight pieces for each of the eight shirts.  8 x 8 = A LOT OF WEEDING!

Once the weeding was done, it was time to break out the Cricut Easy Press!  Can I just say how much I love this thing? You select your temperature and time and get a great result 99% of the time (I say 99% because using the Easy Press on a onesie has been a little challenging since the press’s surface area is larger than the onesie’s).



Having the Easy Press has seriously cut down the time it takes for me to iron on vinyl to fabric.  It took less time for me to press these shirts than it did to line them up properly!  All in all, I was happy with the result.